Our Expertise


We create atypical and original events to fulfil your marketing objectives (image, awareness, sales ).
Supported by our specialised digital section Pumpkins Agency we conceive global solutions for maximum resonance between the online and offline sections of your event leading to an optimised return on your investment.

  • Strategic propositions
  • Concept analysis and objective clarification
  • Financial engineering of the event (optimisation and budget control)
  • Follow-through of production and coordination of the event
  • General Management
  • Campaign Reports as well as post-event evaluation and analysis


We produce the ideas that we conceptualise for your events the whole way through but we can also be employed to assist in a technical fashion a pre-existing event in order to help materialise your ideas and optimise your event.

Live Performance Entrepreneur category 2 nº 2-1052970

Live Performance Producer Category 3 nº 3-1052971

  • Definition of the portfolio of technical charges
  • Locations scouting
  • Technical and budgetary study
  • Joint validation of production retro planning
  • Authorisation demands (mayoral offices, Prefectural permits, adjacent or relevant institutions…)
  • Follow-through of production and coordination of (agents) in the event
  • Operational implementation
  • General management throughout the duration of the event
  • Regular budgetary management and control

Scenery designs

We conceive functional spaces that are capable of highlighting the corporate values of your Brand, optimise its image and develop your sales.

  • Analysis of demands and constraints of event
  • Location scouting and initial costs forecast
  • Art direction within the provided graphic guidelines
  • Technical and budgetary study
  • Intermediary validations through 3D modelling
  • Fabrication and quality control
  • Operational set-up, usage and maintenance
  • Storage solutions, Logistical solutions and post-operational maintenance (in case of re-use)


Halloween Agency also serves as a booking agency for hosts and hostesses.

We have at your disposition personnel whose profiles, competencies and experience are tailored to your specific needs within the event sector.
20 years of making your events successful regardless of their nature.

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  • An ever evolving profile base fed by constant recruitment
  • On demand recruitment to respond to your specific needs
  • Experienced staff always trained prior to assignment
  • An effective, reactive and available support structure
  • Consistent support provided by our booking employees in the field
A few examples of available profiles:
  • Welcome staff: Hosts, Hostesses.
  • Animation staff: Hosts, Hostesses, Comedians, Dancers, Performers
  • Promotional staff: Salesmen…
  • Production staff: Technical Director, Technicians, Engineers for Sound, Lighting, Video, Managers, Roadies…
  • Specialised personnel : Barmen, Barmaids, Waiters, Security staff…

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