Action Contre la Faim x Je dej, je donne


In 2016 “Action Contre la Faim” contracted the agency to start a PR campaign designed to increase the notoriety of their yearly iteration of “Je Dej, Je Donne” and to increase the people’s sensitivity to the issue of malnutrition. By being generous during the meal and by giving restaurant tickets to Action Contre la Faim, each could help fight against malnutrition.

In partnership with the chefs Julie Andrieu, Thierry Marx, Christophe Michalak as well as the creator of the “Le Camion qui fume” food truck, Kristian Frederick, the operation #JeDejJeDonne gained in 2016 a new scale. The Chefs created a menu of eco-friendly, biologically friendly and locally sourced burgers to increase awareness on the benefits of eating well and to call to action all present against malnutrition.

The project occurred in two phases:

A strong PR and ePR campaign during a press conference at the Le Camion qui fume restaurant to announce the exclusive new line of Action Contre la Faim burgers for #JeDejJeDonne.

A large public key moment during which the clients of the restaurant and the 2 food trucks Le Camion qui Fume were able to taste burgers specially created by the chefs and were able to gift restaurant tickets to participate in #JeDejJeDonne.

Over the duration of the operation, Action Contre La Faim collected 100,000 euros which is double the usual sum. In total 360,000 euros’ worth of restaurant tickets were donated during the 2016 edition which is a 26% increase on 2015’s margin.

Agency objectives: Counsel, Creation, Production, Personnel management and Logistical Management.

Crédit photo : Edouard Nguyen







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