Ed Banger Room

Greenroom and music Label Ed Banger briefed us on developing The Ed Banger Room : a website as a timeline of this french electronic music label for its tenth anniversary.

Imagined as an interactive timeline, the Ed Banger Room allows thanks to scroll navigation, to discover the history of this label through anecdotes album covers and event posters as a complement to the Ed Banger world tour occurring the same year.

The site is a gigantic sandbox: the user can interact with everything in the site and it is even possible to listen to the spearhead albums of the label by clicking on their album covers.

While focused on the history of the label and its artists, the Ed Banger Room was not static and offered evolving content to its users by allowing them to follow the unfolding of the Ed Banger World Tour, the label’s worldwide anniversary tour.

This platform was crafted in collaboration with Anonymous studio (which co-produced the music video for “Happy”) and following its popularity received the prize for best daily website from the FWA.


Réalisation suivante.

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