‘Extraordinaire’ Perrier Party


For the launch of its new advertising campaign and following the results of a competition Perrier Gave us the duty of organising this event for its French and international partners.

Beyond a simple Launch gathering the stakes for this event were multiple and all equally crucial, the Agency had to provide the ‘Extraordinary’ Perrier experience for 250 of the brand’s trading partners and simultaneously orchestrate the in-house reveal of the Brand’s new media campaign.


Halloween Agency was tasked with imagining and producing its original vision of the event: We rose to the occasion with the creation of a veritable fruit jungle in the heart of the Bois De Boulogne Which used colour to bring into sharp focus the Brand’s new line of flavoured drinks.


It was 20 hours later that a 57-man team constructed a vegetation wall coming in at 50 square meters to support a veritable hanging garden 7 metres above the event floor.


Throughout the evening a series of artists and comedians deliver a total 14 presentations leading to the in-house reveal of the new campaign and face of the Brand.
(The French public on the other hand were introduced to this campaign the next day during the final of the Roland-Garros International Tennis Competition).


Agency objectives: Create, plan and produce an original theme, décor and event for the in-house reveal of the Perrier Campaign. Our responsibility also lay with the handling of the logistics and personnel of the event, the creation of the event environment and the booking of appropriate staff.

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