Jack Daniel’s 150 X Whisky Live Salon Paris


Following a competition, Jack Daniel’s tasked Halloween Agency with the creation and Production of its brand space on the live whisky salon 2016. The objective was to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand at the largest spirits salon in Europe.

It was in a warm and welcoming environment that the visitors discovered Jack Daniel’s Brand universe through varied points of contact.

The central space was dedicated to the discovery of the entirety of the Jack Daniel’s range and the degustation of the Exclusive 150 year anniversary edition whisky.

A partnership with Samsung Gear VR enabled us to give a tour experience of the Lynchburg Distillery and the history of the brand. The production process of the Old nº7 was also on display on screen in the pavilion.

Finally a pin board enabled visitors to leave comments and record anecdotes. They could then take a sample of maple charcoal, central element in the creation of the drink.

Other than enthusiasts and professionals we also had the pleasure of receiving the BFM for their programme “In Vino”.

Agency Tasks: Counsel, 3D Creation, Production (excluding VR experience), Personnel Management and logistical management.

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