Pitch ?
How to Mobilise the ever more numerous enthusiasts of neo/retro custom cycles around an innovative Parisian event (SPC ++ 30/55 years) ?

Production of the midnight Garage Festival (in collaboration with 4:10) 1st Parisian pluridisciplinary festival bringing to the fore all facets of the dude, lad and hipster lifestyles.


3 days of festival in the heart of Paris
• Influential Brand partners (Leica, Triumph, Zippo, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson)
• Hundreds of media mentions
5 800 visitors, up 30% from 2016
380 journalists / bloggers / influencers during the opening night
+ than 70 particulars involved
• Considerable PR and ePR buzz (C8, Elle, GQ, VSD, WAD, Le Bonbon, Oui Fm, Sortir À
Paris…) and + 2 000 related posts on social media

Réalisation suivante.

Jack Daniel’s House X 150 years of The Jack Daniels Distillery

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